Group course 

Please note, for personal reasons for the foreseeable future, there are no group courses planned. The online course is a great way to access the full and interactive course materials.      

Excellent value this lively course provides the same content as an 8-week mindfulness course entirely tailored for birth preparation including full physiological explanations:

  • immediate access to an interactive six-step online home study programme to support you throughout pregnancy

  • detailed visual explanations of the physiology of labour, birth, breastfeeding and the early parenthood experience

  • many live experiences of mindful and self-compassionate coping skills for life

  • life skills to cope in challenging moments during pregnancy, birth and beyond

  • 'thought experiments' to learn how to advocate for yourselves and make informed birth choices

  • several handouts including a birth companion's support sheet

  • meeting and sharing with other pregnant couples

  • a fun experience in a cosy setting with coffee, teas, juice, treats and fruits!


1) A receipt is provided and many couples are successful in getting some or all of their costs reimbursed.

2) If possible, please try to attend a course in your second trimester to give yourself the most benefits​

Courses are held regularly, but don't miss out! There is only space for a maximum of five couples each time!

A 'Mindful Birth in a nutshell' single workshop intensive version of the course is very popular. This gives full access to the online course plus a single 'all you need to know' workshop. All of this for just 109 Euros.

Upcoming course dates

'Mindful Birth in a nutshell' - single workshop intensive version of the course with full access to online materials

The Hague: Thursday 16th January

109 Euros per couple: 19:00 - 21:45 - space for 1 couple remaining




Warning: This course could benefit your whole life not just your birth!

What will I learn?

Workshop 1: The benefits mindfulness & the different stages of labour


  • What do we mean by a mindful attitude and why is it relevant to birth?

  • How to create moments of true calm in your pregnancy to condition yourself to relax

  • Learn how to approach the unknown with an open mind

  • How to anchor yourself into the present moment

  • A 3-minute technique that can transform moments of stress

  • A daily posture check exercise to connect with body, your baby and a sense of confidence

  • 'Normal' birth explained - the physiology of labour step-by-step

  • How we promote helpful hormones 

  • ​What is pain really - can we define labour pain in a useful way?

  • Labour - the good news: 'turning towards the waves'

  • Understanding the sensations of the 'Natural Expulsive Reflex'

Workshop 2: Coping with pain and transformation

  • Coping with the experience of pain - practising together including

  • - focussed breathing techniques

  • - use of active birth positions

  • - power of touch to cope with pain including massage to release endorphins

  • Compassionate body scan - deepening your mind-body connection

  • Choices in Birth - An interactive game to illustrate possible decisions you may face and how to cope

  • Some facts on special circumstances

  • Mindful Cesarean

  • How partners can support emotionally and physically

Workshop 3: Life after birth


  • Mindful feeding - an overview of breast and bottlefeeding and how to identify and avoid common problems 

  • ​Self-compassion - being your own best support during the early days with a newborn

  • Settling into a mindful routine with a newborn

  • Maintaining peace: how mindfulness helps us tune in and make better family decisions

  • Walking meditation - Grounding and soothing yourself and the baby

  • Self-Compassion - introduction to the theory, benefits and a practice

  • How partners can support emotionally and physically

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