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A birth preparation that benefits not just your birth experience also your well-being during pregnancy. The health benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion are well documented. 


The online course adapts core practices from mindfulness and self-compassion courses and supplements these with birth preparation specific materials. It contains videos, visualisations, PDFs and MP3s to make this an engaging and interactive experience.

"I've been really enjoying the online course. I think it's a great resource, and really good value for money. It's making me feel a lot better about going into this birth, after a tough time last time."  - Liz" 


These materials are the foundation of all my work with couples. You progress through six steps ideally taking at least one week per step though you can go at your own pace. 

Course outline

Step 1: The Mind-body connection

  • What we mean by mindfulness and self-compassion and why they are relevant to birth

  • Some helpful imagery?

  • Experiencing 'as if for the first time' (mindful use of senses exercise)

  • A mountain posture visualisation

  • A compassionate body scan for pregnant mothers and partners

  • Exercises to try out before moving on to step 2


Step 2: Surfing the waves

  • Review of Step 1

  • A three-minute awareness of breath (A.B,C)

  • Physiology of labour and birth

  • The waves of labour

  • Setting intentions

  • Birth Companion's support sheet

  • Exercises to try out before moving on to step 3


Step 3: Coping with pain

  • Review of Step 2

  • The truth about pain

  • Words that describe pain

  • Coping with pain exercise

  • A longer sitting exercise 

  • Exercises to try out before moving on to step 4


Step 4: Mindful Birth Decisions

  • Review of Step 3

  • Birth Intentions

  • Good practice in decision-making (including Epidural case study)

  • Choosing to respond rather than react - pathways through birth

  • Coping with the unknown

  • A meditation for decision-making

  • Exercises to try out before moving on to step 5


Step 5: Beyond Birth

  • Review of Step 4

  • Mindful Feeding

  • Being mindful of other bodily changes

  • Short self-compassion exercise 'becoming a family'

  • Establishing a mindful routine with your baby

  • Mindful walking - 'being with baby'

  • Exercises to try out before moving on to step 6


Step 6: Coping with challenges

  • Recap of the course - How do you feel now about mindfulness?

  • The weeks leading up to birth

  • Special Circumstances to be aware of

  • Using Mindfulness to cope with medical interventions and mindful Cesarean birth

  • Coping with anxiety

  • Taking your practice forward in life - can you make a committment to continue? 

  • A mindful close meditiation 

  • Your feedback 

About Me

The birth of a baby is also the birth of two people as parents. I was inspired to support others because of the massive transition I felt as a new mother. I have been working with couples for the last 12 years. 

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